Benefits :

💮 Relax,Restore, Rejuvenate

💮Boost Immunity and metabolism

💮 mindfulness,Stress relief

Yoga➕Acupuncture➕Sound Bowl Healing Meditation

Yoga+Acupuncture+Sound Bowl Healing Meditation are a match made in heaven.During this 1.5 hour workshop, you will experience how Acupuncture yoga and Sound bowl healing meditation work together to Boost immunity, release stress, promote relaxation, mindfulness.

Whether you’re new to Acupuncture, yoga ,Sound bowl therapy or you love them all, this workshop is a great way to combine these healing modalities.

An experienced acupuncturist & yoga therapist, Anisha S. will guide you through gentle Vinyasa yoga flow and Pranayama, and teach you how to identify and apply self acupressure to energy balance points on your body .

This will be followed by Deepti’s Sound bowl meditation in Shavasana to deepen healing in the meditation.

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🕎 Deepti Lalwani

Spiritpreneur | Self-Aware | Compassionate


Deepti Lalwani is an Entrepreneur by profession & follows her heart of sharing the joy of meditation & celebration with fellow travelers.

Deepti comes from a family of entrepreneurs, her Father was a great visionary & an activist who contributed a lot to society so working and giving to society runs in her DNA. She calls herself a spritprenuer who works & spreads the work of wellness.

At a very young age she was attracted to the mystic world of occult sciences & meditation which led her to learn Reiki and explore this dimension. During her school years her father introduced her to her Master Osho who showed her the path of the inner world & led her to rediscover the true essence that she was.

She completed her studies in Business administration by obtaining a Master’s Degree & also joined her father’s business after that. Along with work, she kept her passion alive of learning & exploring more about her inner world. She trained with many Renowned Masters like Brahmarshi Chakravarti Dr.Newton & Brahma Vidvarshita Dr.Laxmi Newton, Leonard-Orr, Master Don-Conreaux, & Maestro Satya Brat.

She is now a Sound healing Trainer, healer, Practitioner, Rebirther & a wonderful Gong Player. She truly believes we all must ‘Walk our Talk’ and fully integrates into her life that she teaches. She shares her passion with people & conducts training workshops as well as one-on-one healing sessions & has helped many transform & rediscover their true essence.

She also believes that Celebration is life and we all must celebrate life in every moment with this intention of spreading celebration with awareness she co-founded soul setu wellness Foundation.

She wishes that every person on this earth lives life to the fullest & celebrates each moment with awareness.

Anisha S. 🕎

Anisha S. is an AcuYoga (acupuncture➕yoga) therapist from Bombay India

An architect and programmer by education, she decided to follow her passion for wellness and alternative therapy.

She started her yoga teacher journey from
♻️Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute & Research Center, Lonavala;
♻️ Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram, Chennai;
♻️ The Yoga Institute, Santacruz and acupuncture from
♻️Indian Academy of Acupuncture Science.

After an experience of 15 years in both Yoga and Acupuncture, she developed this unique AcuYoga experience workshop, collaborating with powerful therapists to add to your healing experience

New Delhi

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Tales Of Transformation


AcuYoga sound bowl Meditation workshop is compliant with all covid safety precautions .

✅ Wear Mask
✅Carry your own yoga mat
✅Bring your own towels ,
✅Eye Masks
✅ Water bottle
✅ venue is sanitized
✅ small group size to follow social distancing

AcuYoga is not only a yoga class or a therapy session. It is a 1.5 hour unique meditative experience of the combination of yoga, acupuncture, and singing bowl meditation .

Yes, one workshop is sufficient. It is a spark plug💥 to kick start healing and experience the stress relief, relaxation, mindfulness .
You will learn a self Acupressure routine to practice for your own wellness .

Acu needle-
We give you a quick demo if you are new to the sensation.promise, needles don’t hurt .
needles are thinner than a strand of hair and I promise they don’t hurt!

Needles used are new and one time use.
The needles that are used are for body energy balance and only 6 -8 in number is the treatment .They are my magic wands

Please wear yoga clothes that can be rolled up to the knee or are thin(Lycra), as I need Acu points below the knee. And on elbow fold. In this workshop, We use@6-8 needles for energy balance .

You can eat a light snack/ fruit 1 hour, before this workshop,as it is a meditative gentle vinyasa yoga flow specially designed to achieve moving meditation and deliver benefits of this workshop. (For all levels, and normal health conditions)

AcuYoga is a group workshop. This is not An acupuncture therapy or a yoga workshop and hence We don’t dive deep into theory or form.It is purely an experiential workshop .

This is a workshop to relax your mind, body and soul . To de-stress and detox oneself from day to day regime. For specific health conditions, we have one on one individual sessions available with appointment.

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