Dhyan Setu

Meditation for Creating a healthy body and well being

Dhyan Setu is a monthly meditation circle presented by Soul Setu Wellness Foundation

Details of Meditation




Health is not what you just eat and drink but also what you think!




The Body, like everything else in life is a mirror of our concepts and beliefs. Our body is always talking to us, if we only take the time to listen. Every cell within the body responds to every single thought you think and every work you speak. Continuous modes of thinking and speaking in a particular manner produces ‘dis-eases’. A lot of times, diseases can be reversed by simply reversing mental patterns.



So choosing a good mental diet is the foremost step in  creating a healthy body and well being!



Saloni Ramani
( Spiritual healer and guide, nutritionist and therapist)

Saloni Ramani is a practicing body mind soul coach  and nutritionist since a decade ,she ran a all women holistic health studio for 10 years where she transformed people physically and emotionally ,she was introduced to healing and many modalities when she was 18 years and her journey of learning and growing hasn’t stopped she has been trained in reiki pranic healing accupressure sujok hynotherapy,radikal healing sound healing and the likes she is a student of life ,seeker of and truth osho’s neo sanyasi and Vipassana meditator and had been trained in many meditative techniques too .She is complete wellness expert as she is trained in many fitness modules also and she has has had a roaring sucess in holistic weight loss with 100s of clients. She is recipient of empowering women award and was guest of honour at internations human right organisation for empowering womens award .she has been featured in women’s health aajtak and india today and other media platforms too .Her proffesional qualification include degree in health and nutrition ,and holistic health and fitness ,diploma. In naturopathy and yoga ..post grad in Bed .certified in many healing modalities as mentioned  .She is a student of life and a avid reader , ametuer poet and trained in classical dancing for a decade and still continuing with different dance forms nowdays it’s belly dancing.She has organised many retreats workshops as well. Her work name is by ambrosial zeerooh by saloni Ramani ambrosial means divine and zerooh urdu word (rooh ka libaas )means costume of the soul …her agenda is to make divine humans who live life joyously and peacfully and leading people to unshakeable peace n true nature through budhahood.