Put together the fragmented bits of your Being

Re-Member your Wholeness

Be- Whole

Dhyan Setu is a monthly meditation circle presented by Soul Setu Wellness Foundation. With this circle, we are working towards creating a ‘Sangha’, a community of like-minded people. In this circle, we meet on every Full Moon at IST at 6pm and meditate together for an hour.
Each month a different facilitator leads a one-hour meditation where sometimes the theme is active meditation and sometimes passive meditation.
It is hosted on a zoom platform and from the comfort of your home you can easily be a part of our ‘Sangha’.
Join us this month in this circle with Preeta Pradha who is a Wholeness Life Coach, Sound & Energy Healer.



Being the Wholeness


We are created whole. As we live our lives, our attention shifts and remains focussed on the outer, allowing the Wholeness of our Being to get fragmented, scattered and distracted.

What you gain from this meditation ?

Full Moon energy is of recognition of wholeness, Brightness & Inner Light. Like the moon shines on Full moon in similar way our being also loves to Shine but we forget about it due to the focus on the Outer world. This Full Moon let us re-member and synchronise to the Wholeness we are and will always be.

Who is this for?

  • The one who wants to gather their scattered being.

  • The one who wants Self Growth?

  • The one who wants to Love Self.

  • The one who wants to attract true abundance in life.

  • The one who wants to know what wholeness is.

  • The one who wants to be WHOLE & COMPLETE.

  • The one who wants to manifest success in life

  • The one who wants to bring positive changes in life

  • The one who wants to change their subconscious programs.