Dhyan Setu - 'INNER LIGHT'

Dhyan Setu is a monthly meditation circle presented by Soul Setu Wellness Foundation.​

Online Session Soulsetu


Swati Aanand, founder -SoulAligned


The Full Moon is a time of heightened energy, activity, and emotions. We can access the power of Full Moon energy for five days; two days before the Full Moon, on the day, and two days after. It’s said that full Moon energies are best to manifest what we want in life, spirituality believes that whatever we involve our self in during the full moon window it magnifies.

What do you gain from this Meditation?

This Full moon let’s awaken our inner power to burn our lower energies. Attune to our Dragon for clearing. Start a deep healing process. Evolve & help Mother Earth's Ascension Together make a difference in the world