Dhyan Setu is a monthly meditation circle presented by Soul Setu Wellness Foundation. With this circle, we are working towards creating a ‘Sangha’, a community of like-minded people. In this circle, we meet on every Full Moon at IST at 6pm and meditate together for an hour.


Each month a different facilitator leads a one-hour meditation where sometimes the theme is active meditation and sometimes passive meditation.


It is hosted on a zoom platform and from the comfort of your home you can easily be a part of our ‘Sangha’.


Join us this month in this circle Sunithi S. Ramesh who is a Sound Therapist/Trainer, Gong Master & founder of Satvat Holistics.

The Full Moon is a time of heightened energy, activity, and emotions.
We can access the power of Full Moon energy for five days; two days before the Full Moon, on the day, and two days after.
It’s said that full Moon energies are best to manifest what we want in life, spirituality believes that whatever we involve our self in during the full moon window it magnifies.
It’s the best time to
  • – Meditate in Groups
  • – Perform your healing practices
  • – Charge the crystals
  • – Group healing circles
  • – Setting intentions & sending them out to the universe

About the Meditation

Buddha Purnima is a very powerful full moon of the year. It is believed that Lord Buddha comes down and pours forth the spiritual blessings and energies of the Divine. In this guided visualisation meditation with the sacred sounds of the Singing Bowls and the Moon Gong, journey into the Wesak valley under the beautiful full moon to cleanse, imbibe the divine energies and rejuvenate.

Who is this for?

About Sunithi S Ramesh

She is the co-founder and Executive Director of Satvat Infosol Pvt Ltd, an IT solutions company in India. She is a techie at heart and IT was her sole focus till 2015, when she was drawn by chance into energy healing modalities. She discovered that Sound Therapy is her passion then.

She is a Pranic Healer as well and integrates different modalities when she works one on one with clients. She is very passionate about the Unwind! Sound Baths that she conducts for groups and has created awareness about Sound Therapy, which is being revived now.

She has her studio in Chennai, where she conducts regular sound bath sessions and also works with individual clients.

With the new normal, she broke the mental barriers of going online and has started conducting the Sound Baths on Online platforms.

Satvat Holistics is also into crystal jewellery and essential oil based aroma products.

Her desire is reach out to many more citizens of the world through these Unwind Sound Bath Immersions.