Sound Bath

Let's expand & shine our inner light in one more beautiful sound journey, surrendering into the natural flow of nature, the natural flow of our heart, merging with the divine energies within us as Soul Setu Wellness Foundation brings you yet another soothing session of ''Sound Bath'' in-person session with none other than Certified Trainers & Sound Healers Therapist π€π¦πšπ§ & πƒπžπžπ©π­π’

Success of Sound Bath

Detail of Event

25th July 2021


6:30 to 8:30 PM


Rs.2500/- (Including Dinner)

Energy Exchange




Aman is a young, dynamic, Joyous person who loves to share his joy with one & all. He believes Sharing is a very beautiful tool through which we can heal everything; all we need is to be open to Talk. He is a certified sound Therapist & Trainer trained under the Esteem Guidance of Master Don Conreaux & Satya Brat. Sound is his Passion & along with his Job in Agriculture Field he shares the Vibration of Love & Joy through Counselling & Sound Healing.

Deepti is an epitome of β€˜Be the Change you want to see in others’, she completely believes in walking her talk. She holds an experience of over 12 years in the field of wellness where she truly shares what she believes and applies in her own life first. On the path of evolution she is blessed to have been able to train under the esteem guidance of many living masters like of Brahmarshi Chakravarti Dr. Newton and Brahma Vidvarishta Dr. Lakshmi, Leonard Orr, Master Don Conreaux & Maestro Satya Brat. Through their guidance she is now a Certified Rebirther, Sound Therapist & Trainer. She helps Empower People through the Power of Breath & Sound.