SUMMER SOLSTICE Celebration of a New Beginning

Time to Go!

In this event, we would begin with assessing our current state of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health and then we would indulge in a powerful ACTIVE PANCHTATTVA MEDITATION to release and renew ourselves at all levels of our being. And we would end the event with a beautiful manifestation ritual to invite in more abundance and prosperity in our life!.

Summer Solstice is a sacred time of the year to celebrate life, give gratitude for all that we have, reconnect with our inner self and manifest abundance in our lives.

This is a time associated with the element of fire, passion, prosperity and drive. This is the time to act on our intentions, to evaluate and reevaluate our beliefs. This is also a time to clear out what doesn’t serve us and start something new, just as the Earth begins a new season.


Sakshi is a true beauty inside out, she portrays that what she believes with full authenticity. She has been working in the field of intuitive arts & spiritual science for the past 7 years. She is a trained facilitator from Quantum Life University in Past-Life Regression, Rebirthing-Breathwork.

She uses divination tools like Tea-Leaf Reading & Tarot cards & Shamanic Practices to heal herself as well as her clients. She believes that healing is a personal responsibility of each human being and therefore her role is to facilitate the session & hold the space for her clients and be a catalyst in their evolution.

She is also Founder of The Sacred Circle, an organization that aims to create a community of people who hold sacred space for each other & help each other heal.